Response to “get out of my profession”

Response to “get out of my profession” Posted by Diane Chen on October 19th, 2009 School Library Journal

Ultimately the TL is there for the students. Students are using a variety of technologies for constructivist learning and it is very important for TLs to have a broad concept of information literacy and to keep up. I was reading how the NBN has enabled students in Smithton Tasmania to overcome geographical isolation and participate in activities such as watching the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra rehearse in real time. The school’s software can be accessed from home. The NBN is very fast.  Our school has introduced iPads to all year 9 students and they are readily able to integrate technology into their learning and also for assessment. At this early stage they are still learning to use them for learning rather than a vehicle for games! The TL also needs to keep up with the new Australian Curriculum. As a teacher I am always looking for ways to deliver interesting and engaging lessons. The TL would become extremely popular with teachers if the TL could help with digital resources. As for the lady who didn’t want to deal with grumpy teachers, schools aren’t for everyone. As teachers we actually like the students we teach and find developing relationships with students and other staff members such as teachers, aides, cleaners, groundsmen and leaders in the school as very rewarding.

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